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World's Most Dirtiest And Disgusting Apartment

Remember the phrase, "You have to see it, to believe it". Well this is where it fits. This Apartment surely fits the slot of the World's Most Dirtiest And Disgusting Apartment ever. Upon entering the apartment you would see the door jammed with all the packing of the food stuff she had been eating and throwing whenever possible. Loads of junk, reportedly of Burger King, Domino's, McDonalds etc was freely available. The food chains could sent their employees to the apartment and can collect plentiful of the packing from their.

Loads of Coca-Cola Cans were found lying around. Scattered ciggaratte buds were found stacked like mountains everywhere. It seemed as if wherever she used to find a spot, she used to put off the ciggarattes. She even didnt leave the Television alone, the whole plastic body had spot of ciggarrattes being put off.

Expired Milk cans, and other stuff which had gone stale was lying around stinking. The Sofa sets were like as if it had went on fire. To top it all, it seemed as if wherever she used to find a place to shit or piss, she would have done it. Shit was lying all around the floors, the carpets as well as the opened bathroom door with the TUB also being used as a place to shit. Tissue were lying on the floor as if someone have wiped after shitting and thrown their and then.

The whole place stinked like anything. To top it all the most amazing thing to see in the Apartment was, the cleanist place was the bed. It was the only place which seemed clean from Ciggaratte ASH, SHIT, COKE, FOOD, etc.

Take A Look!

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