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Xbox Boy Missing, Microsoft Doubles The Reward

Brandon Crisp, a 15 year old boy, went missing as he ran away on his Bicycle from his Barrie, Ontaria home on October 13 2008. The boy took off when his father took away his XBox game console from him. He was last seen riding his Bicycle along the old rail line.

Microsoft have doubled its cash reward. It will be offering to pay double, than what it had said earlier to pay whomever finds the boy. The family's Internet Service Provider and the Child Find Community is offering 25,000 Canadian Dollars as reward for information leading to him, to which Microsoft topped it with 25,000 Dollars too. Just a few days back, some 1600 Volunteers geared up to search for Brandon, but they all came back empty handed.

When questioned by the media from his father, that what had happened, he replied " I had removed the Xbox Console from him, which is built by Microsoft, as I saw a vivid change in his behavior after he had started to play the game 'CALL OF DUTY 4: Modern Warfare'. This was not acceptable."

The boy had even started missing school, ignoring his studies, stealing money and not doing any chores. This behavior was not at all tolerated within the boy's family, due to which his father had taken this action.

Microsoft was quoted as saying "Like everyone, we are deeply worried about the disappearance of Brandon Crisp." 

Massive Search have taken place and no clue has been found about the boy, except the finding of its bicycle with a flat tire. Brandon used to play this game online. Police are trying to investigate that, who Brandon used to play online game with. They are also suspecting some online gamers on this.

In an interview with Brandon's Dad, Mr. Steve Crisp said, "This had become his identity, and I didnt realize how in-depth this was until I took his Xbox away. That's like cutting his legs off. I didnt expect, this thing was so much important to him"

Now Brandon's father says he just want him to come home.


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