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Asia' Largest Fountain Stolen!

Asia's Largest Fountain has been stolen. This report was confirmed by the Pakistani Authorities. The fountain which was a multi-million rupee project, situated in the Karachi-Pakistan and built with the public money was declared stolen and the culprits are unknown. The Karachi Port Trust has finally accepted that the theft has taken place as earlier told to media that it had created an internal fault.

The 620 Feet Tall Port Water Jet Fountain was installed at Oyster Rocks off Clifton by the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) from the taxpayers money. When foundation stone for the construction of the Fountain was laid, the original cost was said to be Rs 224 Million but later when completed, the cost exceeded to Rs. 320 Million. 

Criticised by many people of the country, the project had took nine months to complete and was one of a kind in the country. The supervision was done by KPT and the water projection unit was built by M/s. Invent Water Treatment Ltd. (IWTL) U.K.

IWTL is a specialist in these kind of projects and have taken various projects of these kind. Its engineers worked really hard to complete the project at time.

Some reports even say that the KPT has done this by its own, as its actual daily cost was Rs. 130,000. This was a major waste for the national exchequer and the KPT. Due to poor quality of maintenance, the Fountain only touched 500 Feet, where as it was meant to do 620 Feet, but some authorities also say that the fountain only used to do 100 Feet.

The fountain was to start functioning back on September 15, 2008, as the water level went down. The fountain had been shut down due to rough sea waters. But as it did not start functioning, questions started to be raised, to which this conclusion was heard.

The theft cannot be taken place so easily, as it required expertise as well as the co-operation of the Naval Intelligence to reach there. So it seems as if many authorities are mixed in this theft.

Total number of things Stolen:

1. Both Pump Engines Batteries 12V, 210AH 4

2. Both Generator Batteries 12V, 155AH 2

3. Welding Plant 440/220 VA/C/400AMP 1

4. Raceprocating pump Motor double belt 220VAC, 1HP 1

5. Bracket Fan 18”(Plastic Body) 220VA/C 2

6. Ladder 20 M/S Material 1

7. Self starter of MTU Engine with Cable 1

8. Tool Boxes with complete tools 3

9. MTU Engine Fuel Pump Used 2

10. Turning Tool with Racehered Set 1

11. Fire Extinguisher 1

12. GO Phone CDMA with Charger 1

13. Motorola VHF set with charger 1

14. Hot Plate 220 V A/C 1500 Watts 1

15. Multi Meter SANWA 1

16. Emergency lights portable 2

17. Emergency lights Batteries 2

18. S/S Nut Bolts different sizes 400

19. Fuel Filter Pump Engines & Generator 4

20. AUX/Engine Air Filter 1

21. Hand Grinder Heavy duty 220V A/C 1

22. Pump Engine Coolant Pump Heater 220V A/C 1

Other miscellaneous things include plastic tapes, black paint, water cooler, split air conditioner remote


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