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High Paying Jobs/Careers, Without Any Advance Degree

You dont have to be a PHD or Doctorate to earn a $100K. There are a few jobs that pay well if you are just a bachelor's degree holder. Some of those jobs are as follows:

Police Supervisor:
This job consist of overseeing the subordinate officers, keeping records of your force's activities and assigning duties to station personnel. It requires responsibilities, making judgements, accomplishing goals and to tackle intense pressure situations. It also requires working late, as well as working on holidays and weekends as well as giving extra time so that community gets the round the clock police service required. 

The minimum requirement for police supervisors in many states is just a high school diploma. To add bonus to your career, add a associate or bachelor's degree in criminal justice or law enforcement. This would add bucks to your income and you would be earning a good salary soon. Check out the specific zip codes for offering which would surely help out.

Registered Nurse (RN):
The job of Registered Nurse's is to be well focussed. You would be responsible to provide medical care, tips and educate the patients as well as their families. This job does require great responsibility but on the other hand pays good. If you are good with handling new borns, its the perfect job for you, as well as if you can look after Old Age Patients.

You can add advantage to your job and earn good if you can get an associate degree in nursing or a bachelor's degree in nursing or even a diploma in nursing would do. This job does provide a good pay scale, and you can earn an average of $60,000.

Computer Software Engineer:
Main focus of this job is to design and develop computer software's for the growing number of companies as well as the requirement of certain individuals. This is one of the fastest growing and most in need career these days. It also offers work from home facilities and you would be earning really well with it.

A degree in computer sciences is a must for this kind of career. Certain diploma's will add advantage to your job. This career oriented job does require commitments and you would surely need to give time on this kind of job. Certain jobs pay an average of $90,000, this is surely a handsome amount of earnings.

Interior Designer:
If you have a great mind and can bring new ideas, this is the correct career you can opt for. This job has brought in certain amateur, such as in-house designers. This is a very vast field and can range from working for airport projects to designing schools. It gets you involved with certain architects and contractors, which is surely an advantage for you to grow. You should have a creative mind as you have to work with colors, fabrics, window treatments, light fixtures, etc. 

One thing to note down is, you have to have atleast an associate degree as well as you have to licensed to work in certain states.

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fairy said...
December 1, 2008 at 6:28 PM  

Thanks for the great post, I started my career in nursing after finishing a associate degree in nursing from associate degree nursing schools

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