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Michael Phelps Ready For His First Race After Suspension

Michael Phelps, world’s greatest swimmer and record holder is back. The leader is in North Carolina to test the waters after his three-month suspension due to, Phelps being pictured with a marijuana pipe. Phelps would be announcing his retirement after the London Games.
The swimmer would be competing in five events at the Charlotte Ultraswim which begins this Friday. Phelps is participating in all the events which feature 50,100 and 200 freestyle, 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke. This is the first time Phelps is participating in an event after he won eight gold medals at the Beijing Games.
Phelps has spent alot of time under suspension but still he has got time to train himself and get to win the title at National Championships and the World Championships. The swimmer has some new techniques to achieve his goals, lets see what he brings in.

X-Box Sneakers By Sole Junkie

The latest in footwear for the gamers. Introducing for the first time, X-Box themed Sneakers. All X-Box fans would be running after the footwear but we may say that they have pushed the price a bit too high. $2500 sneakers is something fan’s wont be able to afford but the maker’s predict that users would be left thinking twice.
The custom made shoes are handmade by Sole Junkie, which is a California based artist who specialize in sneakers. When asked for the price being a bit too high, he replied,” They’re not the most expensive ones I’ve ever made. I made shoes with 22k gold and diamonds on them. I look at my creations as functional art…not just ordinary sneakers.”
The fun part which makes the X-Box sneakers so creative is that the logos light up. The glowing of the logo is powered by a fiber optic wiring which is connected to a hidden switch. The switch has two types of settings: Strobe or Constant which brings flavour to the logo lightning.