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Tragedy strikes In India

There was caos all over Mumbiai India which started Wensday and now is put to an end. All it took 10 young armed men to terrorize the 18 million people in the city of Mumbia. This was one of the most deadliest attacks in India.

What happened is disgusting," said Suresh Thakkar, 59, who reopened his clothing store behind the hotel Saturday for the first time since the attacks. "It will be harder to recover, but we will recover. Bombay people have a lot of spirit and courage."

The bloody rampage carried out by suspected Muslim militants at 10 sites across Mumbai, killed at least 195 people and wounded 295. Among the dead were six Americans.

The Taj hotel was on flames on Saturday when the Army killed the last 3 terrorist with gunfire and gernades.

Suddenly no one feels safe or secure," said Joe Sequeira, the manager of a popular restaurant near the Oberoi hotel, another site targeted in the attacks. "It will take time. People are scared but they will realize it's no use being scared and sitting at home."

Pakistan denied it was involved and demanded evidence for Indian charges. Islamabad has pledged to share intelligence with its rival neighbor but went back on its initial promise to send its spy chief to aid the probe, saying it would send a lower ranking official instead.
As officials pointed the finger at neighboring Pakistan, some Indians looked inward and expressed anger at their own government.

Tragedy strikes in India

Plaxico Burress accidently shot

New York Giants Wide Reciever Plaxico Burres accidently shot himself in the leg.Burress was hospitalized on friday with a gunshot wound. When the Giants spokesmen was asked about this he said that the team had no comments but new that this was an accident.Burress already had a hamstring injuiry and was not expected to play in sundays game agains the Washington RedSkins.

From everything I’ve heard, he was really lucky,” said a member of Burress’ family who had been told only general details about the event.

Plaxico Burress was the one who had cuaght the game-winning touchdown pass for the Giants in their victory over New England in the Super Bowl last season. This season was not the greateast season for him. He had een benched one game, fined many times and even suspended for disobeying team rules.

A rumor states that he will return in 2 weeks.

What The Black Friday Left Behind

A Wal-Mart worker died early in the morning hours when the crowd went out of control on Friday. Shopper's desperate to get in the store broke down the doors of the store, to get the first hand on the products. A worker of Wal-Mart fell and customer's walked right over him, he died on the spot. Other worker's who noticed this happening came to the rescue but were trampled too.

The worker has been identified as Jdimytai Damour, he was told to open the doors of the Stores as the clock struck 5:00 a.m. The officials at Wal-Mart disclosed that they when they announced about closing the store due to the death, customers shouted angrily and did not stop to shop. This Wal-Mart Store is located in Valley Stream on Long Island.

An eight months pregnant woman was also hurt in this stampede and was taken to the hospital, as well as four other people have been reported as hurt. As customer's were asked to leave due to the tragic death, they complained that they had been standing in the lines since Thursday morning to get a hold at the products featured on sale and they would not leave. Some 2000 people had been standing in the line before the opening of the store.

Damour was taken to the hospital directly after he was rescued from the trampling crowd. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital at around 6 a.m.

"The safety and security of our customers and associates is our top priority," said Dan Fogleman, a company spokesman. "At this point, facts are still being assembled and we are working closely with the Nassau County Police as they investigate what occurred."

Kimberly Cribbs, who had witnessed the stampede, said shoppers were acting like "savages".

Police were reviewing video from surveillance cameras in an attempt to identify who trampled to death a Wal-Mart worker after a crowd of post-Thanks giving shoppers burst through the doors at a suburban store and knocked him down. Criminal charges were possible, but identifying individual shoppers in Friday's video may prove difficult, said Detective Lt. Michael Fleming, A Nassau County Police Spokesman.


Worlds oldest Women has died

At age 115 Edna Parker died in her home in Indiana. She was born April 20, 1893, in central Indiana's Morgan County and had been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest person since the 2007 death in Japan of Yone Minagawa. She is the 14 oldest person in history.
Parker had been a widow since her husband had died in the year 1939 due to a heart attack. She lived alone in their farmhouse until age 100, when she moved into a son's home and later to the Shelbyville nursing home. In the nursing home also lived Sandy Allen, who is the tallest person in the world until her death in August who was 7 foot 7 inches tall.

World's Oldest Person - Dies At The Age Of 115

World's Oldest Person, Edna Parker died at the age of 115. She became the oldest person to live, after death of Yone Minagawa in Japan. She was living at a nursing home in Shelbyville. Robert Young, a senior consultant for Guinness Book Of World Records revealed that Edna Parker was 115 Years and 220 days old when she died. She had the honor of having the World Record, since the death of Yone Minagawa in 2007.

She has left behind 2 sons, 5 Grand Children, 13 Great Grand Children and 13 Great Great Grand Children. Her son told, "She was so active, all the time, we used to go up there, and she would be pushing other patients in their wheelchairs."

Mrs. Edna Parket taught in a two room school in Shelby County for several years after graduating from Franklin College in 1911. She wed her childhood sweetheart and neighbor in 1913. As the tradition followed in that era, she left teaching as she got married.

Mrs. Edna Parker was born 2o April 1893, in central Indiana's Morgan County. She became a widow when her husband, Mr. Earl Parker died of a heart attack in the year 1939. Since then she had been living alone till the age of 100, and later she moved to her son's place and then to the nursing home.

Mrs. Edna Parker had always emphasised people on "more education". Whomever came to visit her, she had always motivated people of studying rather then secrets of living a long life. One thing, which is said to be her plus point of long age is that she never drank Alcohol and neither any relation with Tobacco.

Oldest person in the world has died

At age 115 Edna Parker died in her home in Indiana. She was born April 20, 1893, in central Indiana's Morgan County and had been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest person since the 2007 death in Japan of Yone Minagawa. She is the 14 oldest person in history.
Parker had been a widow since her husband had died in the year 1939 due to a heart attack. She lived alone in their farmhouse until age 100, when she moved into a son's home and later to the Shelbyville nursing home. In the nursing home also lived Sandy Allen, who is the tallest person in the world until her death in August who was 7 foot 7 inches tall.

Worlds oldest person is now dead

At age 115 Edna Parker died in her home in Indiana. She was

Bamboo Laptop Powered By AsusTek

Asustek launched a nature friendly laptop on August 28, 2008. The launch was done at Taiwan's IT Month Exhibition. The laptop has a casing made of Bamboo and comes with a 12.1 inch screen. Developer's at ASUStek said that the step was urged in an effort to use renewable materials in its products.

IT Month in Taiwan is the time when companies display their products and gives consumers the top bargains. The exhibition takes place at 4 major cities in which The Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Halls, is the most happening place to attend.

The shell of the laptop is made of real bamboo. Bamboo sticks are widely grown in ASIA and it is very freely available. Bamboo is used in making furniture, artworks and feeding Panda's. Bamboo is unlikely to harm the environment. Cher Chronis, the company's Director Marketing said "Originally we came out with a leather model style-book. It was very popular. After that, it was kind of natural for us to experiment with other types of material, so we decided to go green". AsusTek was also awarded, Highly Environmental Friendly Company in the Computers and Peripherals Industy by oekom in 2007. 

Asus launched the new bamboo skin laptop in Asia first and then would be following worldwide. It will be adding the laptop in the U6V series of notebook PCs. It has a 12.1 inch screen with a Intel Core 2 Duo microprocessor and Microsoft Windows Vista OS. The Bamboo Skin Notebook has a tag price of US$ 1802. 

The first thing about the ASUS Bamboo Series notebook that commands immediate and unfailing attention is its artisan-grade Moso bamboo paneling, which is crafted with the precision and care typically associated with bamboo instruments and arts and crafts. The organic tactility, refreshing scent and minimalist aesthetics of bamboo lend the ASUS Bamboo Series notebook an arresting aura of spirituality, warmth and old world charm that synthetic materials and cold, impersonal metals will struggle to replicate. With every touch, users will be able to feel the difference – the bamboo gives an instant sense of familiarity, just like the sensation one would get from running one's fingertips across furniture. The sensation of being close to nature is even conveyed when users use the touch pad. The genuine bamboo fiber patterns on the touch pad create the sensation of touching live bamboo. Furthermore – like any piece of original art – every ASUS Bamboo Series notebook is unique, each with its own natural patterning that is brought out beautifully by ASUS' proprietary manufacturing process. The air of individuality of each piece can be further enhanced by several treatments that yield different colors, or by laser etching distinctive designs onto the ASUS Bamboo Series notebook's bamboo-clad cover.

Type Of Asus Bamboo Notebook's:



Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T9400/P8600/P8400 
Mobile Intel® PM45 Express Chipset 
Intel® WiMAX/WiFi Link 5100

Intel® Core™ Duo Processor U7600 
Mobile Intel® GM965 Express Chipset 
Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN or Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection(optional)

Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate 
Genuine Windows Vista® Business 
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium 
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic

Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate 
Genuine Windows Vista® Business 
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium 
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic

DDR2 800 MHz SDRAM, 2 x SODIMM socket for expansion up to 4GB SDRAM

DDR2 667 MHz SDRAM, 2 x SODIMM socket for expansion up to 4GB SDRAM

12.1" WXGA LED-backlit LCD with Color Shine(Glare-type), Crystal Shine (High brightness) and ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology

11.1" WXGA LED-backlit LCD with Color Shine(Glare-type) and ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology

NVIDIA® GeForce® 9300M GS External 256MB VRAM

Embedded Intel® GMA X3100

2.5" 9.5mm SATA 320/250/160GB

1.8" 9.5mm PATA 80/100/120GB

Hybrid with 256MB flash


DVD Super Multi Double Layer: Ultra Slim

DVD Super Multi Double Layer

8-in-1 card reader: SD,MMC,MS,MS-Pro,xD, Smart Media, mini SD with adapter, MS-Duo, MS-Pro Duo via adapter

8-in-1 card reader: SD,MMC,MS,MS-Pro, mini SD with adapter, MS-Duo, MS-Pro Duo via adapter

0.3 Mega Pixel web camera

0.3 Mega Pixel web camera

3/6/9 cells: 2400/4800/7800 mAh,

3/6/9 cells: 2400/4800/7800 mAh, 26.6/53/80 Whrs

30 x 22 x 2.53 - 3.16 cm (W x D x H)

27.7 x 19.4 x 2.49 ~ 2.9 cm (W x D x H)

1.57 kg, with 3 cell battery pack

1.25 kg, with 3 cell battery, SSD

Best Deals To Get Hand On - Black Friday

The best deals to avail this Black Friday. Retailers all across america will be pushing down prices as they would be offering discounts which usually start from 50% and last upto 80%. So this time at Thanksgiving you would surely get the best deals to strike on. A never missing moment, as this Thanksgiving would not leave you broke. So take a sneak peak at the best discounts, and avail the lowest prices possible. Here are some of the deals which are being offered across America.

Home Depot, is one of the best place to grab the deals. If you are looking for buy big appliances such as Dishwashers, to cooking ranges, from showers to building materials, you would even find stuff from home decor to paints and plumbing. Tools are also one of the best deals at this place. Discounts are amazing at this place, and you would surely spend on something worthy at the store. For more details you can even check their website.

T.J.Maxx/Marshalls, the TJX companies is offering the various and major discounts on all the famous brands stored at them. One of the most famous brands are available on these stores and you would find, mens wear, womens wear, teens wear, kids wears, gagdets, almost everything around. Famous brands would be available for discounts and is definitely a store to grab the famous products. For further details check the TJX website.

Wal-mart, the store which has always said cant-beat-the-price, is offering one of the major discounts on all its stores nationwide. The stores will offer discounts, till stock lasts. One of the biggest deal which it will be offering would be the $300 laptops. Wal-mart has always proven that no one can beat its prices. Log on to their website to look at some deals.

Lord And Taylor, would be offering discounts on its stores on cashmere, crewnecks, gloves and jackets, as well as other items available on the stores. Some of the best discounts would be available on the store to get the best grabs. It would be offering an extra 50% discount on ladies, men's and kids fashion wear. Cahsmere sweater's would available for only $59.99 whereas the original price was $134.

Sears, is offering discounts on Panasonic Televisions, Nintendo Wii and Sharp Blu-Ray disc Players. It will also be offering amazing discounts on some other products which they say wont be advertised. For that customers have to visit the stores and avail the best products.

Bloomingdale, is offering sales on all its items.Along with the Big Brown Bag Sale, which will be offering 50-70% discounts on items storewide, shoppers will recieve a Bloomingdale's gift card worht $15 every time they spend $100 during the weekend. You can save on items such as Polo Ralph Lauren men's cashmere fair isle vest, down to $170 from $425. Calvin Klein "Graphic Circles" dinnerware would also be on an amazing discount of 40%.

Best Buy Stores, is known as the Electronics Emporium. The store will be offering door busters, which means that the customers would have to get in early to get the products which are put on amazing discounts. The products which are on door busters discount would be in limited quantity such as the Toshiba Laptop which would be on a $380 tag price. So rush and Grab One!

Chelsea Premium Outlets, would be offering discounts on all its products. It would be blending in another 20-30% discount on already reduced prices. Shoppers would be delighted to see almost everything on reduced prices, and you would surely want to grab almost everything before it ends.

FAO Schwartz, all FAO-branded items, including the plush rocking duck and the 55 piece sustainable wood train will be discounted by 25 percent on Friday. The toy store is one of the most famous one, and it will be promoting toys under $25, which includes Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar plush toy and a classic tin drum by FAO's private label.

BlackBerry Storm - The Best Review

Press and Be Impressed, is what the people at RIM say. RIM, Research In Motion are the fame developers of the Blackberry Handsets. It has a unique touch screen and cutting edge multimedia capabilities. This is one of the most important factors of the BlackBerry Storm which makes it so unique. 

The Battery Back Up of the Blackberry Storm is really strong. It gives you with the best battery back-up time and lesser recharging. The Blackberry Storm which is a smartphone  is fitted with a 1400 mAh battery, that helps you work on it longer and much longer.

In addition to the SurePress touch screen interface, the familiar BlackBerry phone buttons are at the bottom of the device. This ensures an effortless transition from using the smartphone features of your device to taking a call on it - without compromising the information currently displayed on the screen.

The camera and video recording features a so great that you would want to forget your digital camera. It comes fitted with a 3.2 Megapixel camera. It comes with auto focus and auto flash features built in, which makes you shoot like a pro. You can directly record videos on it and then email it to your friends and family from it.

The biggest secret which the BlackBerry Storm has is the Popple Dome. What is the Popple Dome? Well, its the feature when the user touches an incon on the 3.25 Inch touch screen, the Storm will highlight it. The function will only be activated, when the user presses the whole screen down like a giant button. This is the main problem with most of the touchscreen phones, which the BlackBerry has removed. The experience you will be getting when typing on the BlackBerry Storm is really different as when you type you can feel what you are typing, as the screen pushes down each time you type.

With fast Ev-DO/Rev-A network compatibility and built in GPS, the Blackberry Storm is built for speed and endurance. So whether you're across the globe making a business call, or anything else, you'll have fast, reliable browsing and communication coverage.

The Storm comes with a lot of features:
- Wireless Email
- Organizer
- Browser
- Phone
- Camera
- Video Recording
- BlackBerry Maps
- Media Player
- Built In GPS
- Corporate Data Access

What does the display brings you:
- High resolution 480 x 360 pixel color (Display)
- Transmissive TFT LCD
- Font size (user selectable)
- Color display
- Light sensing screen

You'll Click With It

Brooke Burke Wins Dancing With The Stars

The new champ of Dancing With The Stars is Brooke Burke. This is the third time, a lady has won in the Dancing With The Stars. As the judges gave points out of 60 and viewers votes came in, Brooke and her partner Derek Hough claimed the title after finishing their final dance, the Viennese Waltz.  Brooke exclaimed
"Unbelievable", after being claimed the champ.

One of the Judges, Carrie Ann Inaba, told the champ: "You are a star. You proved today what you are doing with your soul. You guys deserve the trophy more than anyone else."

Brooke and Derek were handed the beautiful Mirror Ball Trophy. Brooke had maintained an eight point lead over Sapp. Brooke was all tears as she was annouced the winner and awarded. David Charvet her longtime love was sitting in the audience as well. He was always there for her. 

The former NFL Player Warren Sapp and his partner Kim Johnson earned the second placed at the event. They were ranked 27 out of 30 for their final performance.

Lance Bass and his partner Lacey Schwimmer came in third place. The final dance earned them 28 points out of 30, they had performed the Jitterbug.

Disneyland's Best Kept Secrets, Facts Revealed

Some of the best known secret's of Disneyland and some of the facts which are known to none or little. Some of the best comprised together for you to know:

A Private Apartment Of Walt Disney at Disneyland
Walt Disney wanted to stay nearby Disneyland when it was being built, so he made the constructors build him an apartment in Disneyland. Mr. Disney's apartment was build over the fire station and it is still there. When ever Mr. Disney used to visit Disneyland, he used to stay over there. His presence was known to many as he used to leave his light open and people who knew this fact and saw the light from his window, knew that Mr. Disney is staying. After Mr. Disney's death, the light has been kept open so that his memory stays forever. The next time you visit Disneyland do see the apartment though its not open for public viewing but you can see it on the top of the fire station. The fire station is location on the Main Street at the entrance.

Two products, Gum and Alcohol, not sold at Disneyland
Two of the most popular products available mostly in all amusements parks is Gum and Alcohol. Disneyland is one of the place where these products are not sold. Mr. Disney always wanted families to come and enjoy and never get irritated by these products. Special maintenance staff has been deployed to look into this matter. All maintenance staff have been dressed in such a way that they fit the theme of the land they maintain. The maintenance staff is always busy cleaning the gum and the litter which the visitors dump carlessly. Gum is not sold in the land but people do bring it with them. Mr. Disney designed this park as a family park and always wanted the magical place to maintain its respect and its quality time due to which Alcohol is totally banned from the park.

Specific Theme for each Disneyland Area
When Mr. Disney designed the park, he wants his visitors to feel a total change each time they land into a new area of the park. He always wanted his visitors to feel a total new experience upon entering a different area. As visitors enter new areas, they are welcomed by a totally different theme. The colors of the walkway change, the costumes change, the music changes, even the trash can shapes and color change. So everytime you walk into or you are transported to a new area, you will feel welcomed and amazed.

Birthday Guests Recieve Something Special
All Birthday boy's and girl's recieve VIP treatment at Disneyland. First of all upon entering disneyland, you will be entitled a whole day of fun totally free. Entry would be free for the special person. Then you will be escorted to the City Hall where a cast member would place a badge mentioning "Happy Birthday, Disneyland", and your name will be titled on it too. You would be getting special treats as well as unexpected Birthday songs being sung for you by the Cast Members. Sometimes you might even be escorted to the front line of the rides. Some shops would even treat you with free stuff.

No Pepsi At Disneyland
Disneyland is sponsored by Coca-Cola. So you would be finding all the Coke Products over there. None of the Pepsi products such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper would be found on the Park. All Coke Products are given to the park for FREE. This is the deal which Coke has signed with Disneyland as long as they dont put Pepsi or any other brand Carbonated Drinks with them. 

Ballon's And Coffee For Free
After buying one cup of Coffee, you can get unlimited refills of it at the park. The park offer's unlimited refills for all the customer's who are holding an empty coffee cup. The visitor can simply present it to any vendor and would get a refill for free. The same way Ballon's are FREE at the park, all visitors having lost or popped up ballon's would be provided new ballon's. So Ballon's are also provided for FREE after buying one that is!

Best Location To Watch The Nightly Fantastic Show
One of the best spot's to watch the nightly fantastic show are always filled with visitors. The place get jammed pack so early that visitors with kids dont find a good spot to look at the show. The best kept secret and the best view for the show is above the New Orleans Square at the balcony of the Disney Gallery. Upon buying a dessert you would be seated on the balcony and would be able to enjoy the show with the best view in Disneyland. The seats are limited and fill up early, so be at time.

Hidden Magic Revealed At The Mad Hatter Shop
There is a Hidden Magic at the Mad Hatter Shop. Take a look into the oval mirror inside the Mad Hatter. When visitors usually take a look at the mirror for first they see their own reflection but all of a sudden the Cheshire Cat from Alice And The Wonderland Appears right next to them due to which visitors are shocked and turn around to see it but no one is around. What happens actually is, the Cheshire Cat is behind the mirror and when you see it, its a result of the lights are turned on which makes the Cat appear and they dim the lights to make it disappear. GOT IT!

$500 Million Takeover By FaceBook Rejected By Twitter

Facebook.com, world's most wide spread social network's offer for takeover of Twitter.com was rejected.

Facebook had offered $500 Million for the takeover of Twitter.com, from which $100 Million was offered cash and the remaining amount in the form of Facebook Stock. There were several reasons due to which the deal was rejected. One of the major issue due to which the deal was put off was, the Twitter investor's wanted cash. Some other reason's were, the real value of Twitter was lesser than what was offered and Twitter had its on secret revenue model coming up rather to sell it.

Some sources even revealed that the Twitter investor's were not that interested to sell. This could also be one of the main reason's due to which the deal was put off. If the investor's were thinking to sell the Social Community to Facebook, they were demanding cash for the deal rather than Facebook stock which the Facebook Authorities never had.

Twitter had even laid an excuse that the valuation of Facebook was termed more, $15 Billion, which was rather $5 Billion. So therefore the stock which the Facebook authorities were giving was overvalued.

'Award Of Merit' goes to Annie Lennox

The Award Of Merit was given to
Annie Lennox in between the on-going performances at the American Music Awards Ceremony. Performances were stopped and Justin Timberlake was brought in to handover the Award. The action packed American Music Awards were presented Live on television screens and was seen world over.

This year, THE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS, had performances done from 19 different celebrities. Such amount of performances had never ever been done on these awards. The producer of the show Orly Adelson told, "We have 19 performances, which we've never done before ... Every big artist this year said yes, and we wanted them all."

The arena was jam packed with all the stars, with performances by, Pink, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Kanye West, Jonas Brothers, New Kids On The Block, Coldplay, Leona Lewis, Alicia Keys, Sarah McLachlan, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Annie Lenox etc.

Annie Lennox joins the hall of fame with some of the earlier singers who have recieved Award Of Merit. The award has been previously given to Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Whitney Houston. 

Annie Lennox performed on the stage, despite her on going treatment for the nerve. She had been diagnosed with a Impinged Nerve in August 2008, and she has been going through physiotherapy since then. Her performance on the stage was overwhelming and the crowd responded to her with standing feet.

Justin Timberlake presented her the award and voiced out: 
"The Award of Merit is being given tonight to an artist who means a lot to me personally. There are certain musicians that other musicians love, and she is one of those special artists, held in the highest regard by her peers. l love that she's always been on the cutting edge of fashion, she's always looked so so cool and taught us how to look cool. Then there's her humanitarian work. She's been an activist for just causes all over the world, mostly in silent ways that you've never even heard about. She does this from her heart, motivated purely by love."

Annie Lennox replied to Justin TimberLake's Speech:
"It's been an incredible journey - music, my friends, my accompaniment through my life, so much of my life. Much of that was with Dave Stewart, of the Eurythmics and it is very important that I say half of the award goes to Dave also. Thank you so much for this. I never thought that I would live to see the day that I could be 53-years-old, standing on the stage and so many people have inspired me in this experience and too many to mention."

Launch Ceremony Of Hotel Atlantis - HQ Pictures

The opening ceremony of the $1.5 Billion Dollar Atlantis Hotel in Dubai was done with Spectacular fireworks and an amazing party. The total spending made on the party was estimated around $20 Million. Sources told that the opening ceremony had the world's biggest fireworks display. The ceremony was attended by many stars, from all different regions. The ceremony has been  tagged as the most expensive in History.

Kylie Minogue performed at the event, for which she was handed a handsome cheque of $1.2 Million. She was one of the 2000 guests staying at the hotel. Michael Jordon also attended the ceremony. Some other good names who attended the party were, Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend SAM, Natalie Imbruglia, Charlize Theron, Wesley Snipes, Robert De Niro, Janet Jackson, Denzel Washington,  etc. 

One million fireworks, almost 10 times of the fireworks which took place on the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics were seen in the sky. The fireworks totally lit up the Palm Beach Resort. The organizers were heard as saying that the fireworks would be visible from space. 

The party's main dish had comprised Lobster's and Champagne. The guest's were looked after by a crowd of 1000 waiters. The ceremony was also attended by the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum as well as some other prominent guests. 

Due to such high number of guest's and some really high profile people being present at the ceremony, the kingdom had to throw a large number of security. The event went really peacefully and all the activities went well.

The Atlantis Hotel took 2 years to build and has a capacity of 1539 rooms. Mr. Sol Kerzner is the proud owner of the Hotel, he was quoted as saying:

"We built something that's quite extraordinary. We've got to tell the world about it. We are in a challenging time. The economy is basically in a recession and we have to adjust to the changing circumstances. We have to be careful with our cost levels.I didn't lay on private jets. They either came in their own private jets or by regular airline."

Take A Inside View Of Hotel CLICK HERE

Sexiest Woman In The World

Alot of things are taken into account, when classing somone as the most sexiest. E! Entertainment Channel has rewarded the Supermodel Karolina Kurkova as
Most Sexiest Woman In The World. A news announcement was made today in Los Angeles, California.

The Czech born beauty, who is one of the top super model of Victoria's Secret beat other super models of Victoria's Secret. She has beaten Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and Giselle Bundchen. Leaving them far behind, she has earned fame and fortune. 

"Karolina is flattered to have been named Sexiest Woman in the World by E!. As she delves into the motion picture industry with her upcoming role in 'G.I. Joe,' she appreciates the support E! has given her."

In the previous days, she had hit all magazine covers when she had posed for a bikini shoot at victoria's secret collection. The issue was raised about, she having no belly button. Belly button or no button, she has definitely earned the top spot. She has been termed as Sexiest. 

Here is the complete list of the Sexiest Women awarded:

1. Karolina Kurkova
2. Bar Rafaeli
3. Angelina Jolie
4. Gisele Bundchen
5. Scarlett Johnson
6. Adriana Lima
7. Heidi Klum
8. Penelope Cruz
9. Manuela Arcuri
10. Shakira

Apple Release IPhone 2.2 Firmware

Apple has released the new update for its iPhone users, in the form of iTunes. The major update which Apple has done in its update is the remote podcast downloading and Google Street View.

Remote Podcast Downloading, enables the users of the iPhone being connected from any wireless point and download the iTunes on the phone directly. The users earlier had to download the iTunes on their own PC's and then copy it on the iPhone.

Apple has made drastic changes to its Google Maps Application, now naming it Google Street View, users can now take a look at the streets. The pictures have been carefully snapped from Google Cars to bring the users with the exact view possible. It now provides a 360 degree preview.

Apple will now be offering better sound on the iPhone and no dropped calls. It has fixed the bugs and its features have been updated now, giving in better capability to navigate.

The new update of the iPhone contains the following:

1. Enhancement To Maps.
2. Enhancement To Mails.
3. Improved Performance and Stability of Safari.
4. Podcasts are now available for download in iTunes applications.
5. Decrease in call set-up failures and call drops.
6. Improved sound quality of visual voicemail messages.
7. Pressing the home button from any Home Screen takes you to the first Home Screen.
8. Preferences to turn on/off auto-correction in Keyboard settings.

Hollywood's Richest Couple - Jay-Z and Beyonce

The newly married couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce are the richest couple living in Hollywood. As both of the empires money were summed together, they bagged a total of $162 Million. This had been a great year for both, as it had brought both of them bucks from the fashion industry, Movies, Music, as well as endorsement deals. 

The have been crowned at No. 1, The Strongest And Most Richest Couple In Hollywood Empire. Jay-Z earned his $82 Million by signing a deal with Live Nation and on the other side Beyonce earned it by fashion, film and publishing deals.

Let's hope the couple maintain's the ranking. Earlier, the lady had changed its name to Sasha Fierce earlier.

The Top Couples are as follows:

1. Jay-Z and Beyonce ---$162 Million
2. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith ---$85 Million
3. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham ---$58 Million
4. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill ---$35 Million
5. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ---$34 Million
6. Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann ---$30 Million
7. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani ---$28 Million
8. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman ---$ 22.5 Million
9. Tony Parker and Eva Longoria ---$22.5 Million
10. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart ---$22 Million

AG Michael Mukasey Collapses During Speech

Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed during a speech and has been taken to the George Washington Hospital. He collapsed during the speech which he was delivering to the Federalist Society. He did not regain consciousness. 

"He has strong Vital Signs and is in good spirit", a source revealed. Before collapsing on the floor, Mr. Mukasey was seen shaking and his words became uttery. He fell on the floor in a short while and FBI Agents were seen running towards him to take him to the hospital. Fire And Emergency Services had been called for rescue efforts. The Emergency worked for 10 minutes for the fainted man and then took him to the hospital.

The security forces also had to take some chemical reviews of the Marriott Hotel as another man also fainted in the audience. The authorities took hazardous chemical tests for potential dangers. No signs were reported of such type.

"He was clearly struggling, then his face went limp, he started shaking, as if he were having seizure, and then he fell back", said a lawyers, who was sitting in the audience.

New XBox 360 Experience Launches Tommorrow (NXE 2)

The All new XBox 360 Exprience is being launched today in the United States at 2:00 a.m. People are waiting for it like crazy. Everyone wants to know what the new XBox experience is. Gamer's are trying to find out what the XBox has brought in this time. 

Only some of the gamers, who had pre-registered got it yesterday. The latest update is called the NXE 2. Let's take a look what they have for us this time.

Bringing it in with the free download, the XBox has now got a new interface as well as a new dashboard to present to its gamers. Although the old dashboard never needed any changes, but the XBox is all there for the its gamers. 

The most noted thing which has been updated is its Interface. Moving previously from the 2D experience, the developers have presented the gamer's with an all new 3D Interface. This new interface is more User Friendly and easy to use. The interface helps the gamer's move more fast. Gamer's who would still prefer the old interface, can simply check the Guide button and you can check which friend's are online in classic style. The new XBox Experience also provides Ads on its console, but more to it is the Microsoft Ads. Xbox Live Arcade, the New Xbox Experience resolves that loading and counting issue from the dashboards of old. All of your downloaded Xbox Live Arcade games and demos automatically appear when you go into the list--no more waiting for games to pop up as the list is repopulated. It is also brought up with the Quick Launch option which displays you the recently played games as well as the recent downloads made.

The NXE 2, brings you with another option of the Avatars. When you first launch the NXE 2 it will ask you to make an avatar, which you can customize yourself to make it more like you. People will surely like this avatar option and will make it more fun to spend the time on. The avatar status will also be updated as soon as you get achievements and make more out of it.

The Xbox Marketplace, this would be your one stop shop for virtual goods, and it has been redesigned as well. The new design is more easier to navigate and this time it has also taking away the option of Microsoft delisting some under rated games. Another thing which has been added to the Xbox Marketplace is that you can download purchases on your PC and the next time any Xbox Account Signs in, the particular download will be downloaded to the Xbox itself.

With NXE 2 launch, with this updated feature of Netfix, you would be able to download more than 12,000 videos now, only available to Netfix Subscribers and Xbox Gold Members.