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Disneyland's Best Kept Secrets, Facts Revealed

Some of the best known secret's of Disneyland and some of the facts which are known to none or little. Some of the best comprised together for you to know:

A Private Apartment Of Walt Disney at Disneyland
Walt Disney wanted to stay nearby Disneyland when it was being built, so he made the constructors build him an apartment in Disneyland. Mr. Disney's apartment was build over the fire station and it is still there. When ever Mr. Disney used to visit Disneyland, he used to stay over there. His presence was known to many as he used to leave his light open and people who knew this fact and saw the light from his window, knew that Mr. Disney is staying. After Mr. Disney's death, the light has been kept open so that his memory stays forever. The next time you visit Disneyland do see the apartment though its not open for public viewing but you can see it on the top of the fire station. The fire station is location on the Main Street at the entrance.

Two products, Gum and Alcohol, not sold at Disneyland
Two of the most popular products available mostly in all amusements parks is Gum and Alcohol. Disneyland is one of the place where these products are not sold. Mr. Disney always wanted families to come and enjoy and never get irritated by these products. Special maintenance staff has been deployed to look into this matter. All maintenance staff have been dressed in such a way that they fit the theme of the land they maintain. The maintenance staff is always busy cleaning the gum and the litter which the visitors dump carlessly. Gum is not sold in the land but people do bring it with them. Mr. Disney designed this park as a family park and always wanted the magical place to maintain its respect and its quality time due to which Alcohol is totally banned from the park.

Specific Theme for each Disneyland Area
When Mr. Disney designed the park, he wants his visitors to feel a total change each time they land into a new area of the park. He always wanted his visitors to feel a total new experience upon entering a different area. As visitors enter new areas, they are welcomed by a totally different theme. The colors of the walkway change, the costumes change, the music changes, even the trash can shapes and color change. So everytime you walk into or you are transported to a new area, you will feel welcomed and amazed.

Birthday Guests Recieve Something Special
All Birthday boy's and girl's recieve VIP treatment at Disneyland. First of all upon entering disneyland, you will be entitled a whole day of fun totally free. Entry would be free for the special person. Then you will be escorted to the City Hall where a cast member would place a badge mentioning "Happy Birthday, Disneyland", and your name will be titled on it too. You would be getting special treats as well as unexpected Birthday songs being sung for you by the Cast Members. Sometimes you might even be escorted to the front line of the rides. Some shops would even treat you with free stuff.

No Pepsi At Disneyland
Disneyland is sponsored by Coca-Cola. So you would be finding all the Coke Products over there. None of the Pepsi products such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper would be found on the Park. All Coke Products are given to the park for FREE. This is the deal which Coke has signed with Disneyland as long as they dont put Pepsi or any other brand Carbonated Drinks with them. 

Ballon's And Coffee For Free
After buying one cup of Coffee, you can get unlimited refills of it at the park. The park offer's unlimited refills for all the customer's who are holding an empty coffee cup. The visitor can simply present it to any vendor and would get a refill for free. The same way Ballon's are FREE at the park, all visitors having lost or popped up ballon's would be provided new ballon's. So Ballon's are also provided for FREE after buying one that is!

Best Location To Watch The Nightly Fantastic Show
One of the best spot's to watch the nightly fantastic show are always filled with visitors. The place get jammed pack so early that visitors with kids dont find a good spot to look at the show. The best kept secret and the best view for the show is above the New Orleans Square at the balcony of the Disney Gallery. Upon buying a dessert you would be seated on the balcony and would be able to enjoy the show with the best view in Disneyland. The seats are limited and fill up early, so be at time.

Hidden Magic Revealed At The Mad Hatter Shop
There is a Hidden Magic at the Mad Hatter Shop. Take a look into the oval mirror inside the Mad Hatter. When visitors usually take a look at the mirror for first they see their own reflection but all of a sudden the Cheshire Cat from Alice And The Wonderland Appears right next to them due to which visitors are shocked and turn around to see it but no one is around. What happens actually is, the Cheshire Cat is behind the mirror and when you see it, its a result of the lights are turned on which makes the Cat appear and they dim the lights to make it disappear. GOT IT!

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