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BlackBerry Storm - The Best Review

Press and Be Impressed, is what the people at RIM say. RIM, Research In Motion are the fame developers of the Blackberry Handsets. It has a unique touch screen and cutting edge multimedia capabilities. This is one of the most important factors of the BlackBerry Storm which makes it so unique. 

The Battery Back Up of the Blackberry Storm is really strong. It gives you with the best battery back-up time and lesser recharging. The Blackberry Storm which is a smartphone  is fitted with a 1400 mAh battery, that helps you work on it longer and much longer.

In addition to the SurePress touch screen interface, the familiar BlackBerry phone buttons are at the bottom of the device. This ensures an effortless transition from using the smartphone features of your device to taking a call on it - without compromising the information currently displayed on the screen.

The camera and video recording features a so great that you would want to forget your digital camera. It comes fitted with a 3.2 Megapixel camera. It comes with auto focus and auto flash features built in, which makes you shoot like a pro. You can directly record videos on it and then email it to your friends and family from it.

The biggest secret which the BlackBerry Storm has is the Popple Dome. What is the Popple Dome? Well, its the feature when the user touches an incon on the 3.25 Inch touch screen, the Storm will highlight it. The function will only be activated, when the user presses the whole screen down like a giant button. This is the main problem with most of the touchscreen phones, which the BlackBerry has removed. The experience you will be getting when typing on the BlackBerry Storm is really different as when you type you can feel what you are typing, as the screen pushes down each time you type.

With fast Ev-DO/Rev-A network compatibility and built in GPS, the Blackberry Storm is built for speed and endurance. So whether you're across the globe making a business call, or anything else, you'll have fast, reliable browsing and communication coverage.

The Storm comes with a lot of features:
- Wireless Email
- Organizer
- Browser
- Phone
- Camera
- Video Recording
- BlackBerry Maps
- Media Player
- Built In GPS
- Corporate Data Access

What does the display brings you:
- High resolution 480 x 360 pixel color (Display)
- Transmissive TFT LCD
- Font size (user selectable)
- Color display
- Light sensing screen

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Zahra said...
December 2, 2008 at 6:37 PM  

wat is better .. iphone or ths ?

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