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A Car That Runs On Air

Zero Pollution Motors, will be introducing a car which is powered by AIR. This car will be tagged at a price of $20,000. It will have a capacity to roam around all day on nothing but AIR and a splash of Salad Oil, Alcohol or possibly a pint of Gasoline.

Indian Tata Motors, had already made plans to introduce this small powered car, but they had to dump it due to many reasons. Tata Motors have no issues on this thing. They had plans to uncover this car for the huge Indian Market.

This technology is not something new in this developing world but to make the official launch and make it happen is something great. We really do hope it gets released this time. 

This specific AIR CAR, developed by Zero Pollution Motors, will be able to run at a speed of 35 mph for some 60 miles. This is a normal daily run of the car in an average city. It will be able to complete daily chores and come and back from office.

The air tank can also be filled easily by plugging it into a socket, so that the Motor inside it compresses air and generates it.

The factory will be building 8000 vehicles in an year and would be likely starting in 2011. It will be delivering directly to the consumers. The AIR CAR, will be having many different and attractive colors to choose from. In the start, the manufacturer is not thinking of making attractive showrooms to sell it.

Every state in America will be having separate assembly plants. California will be topping in the assembling plants line, with 17 AIR CAR Manufacturing Plants. 12 in Florida, 8 in New York, 4 in Georgia and 2 in Connecticut.

Tata Motors will be charging $15 Million for the rights to the technology, a fully built turnkey auto assembly plant, tools, machinery, training and rights to use trademarks.

The technology inventor is Mr. Guy Negre, who is the founder and CEO of MDI SA,  a company headquartered in Luxembourg with its R&D in Nice,France.


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