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New XBox 360 Experience Launches Tommorrow (NXE 2)

The All new XBox 360 Exprience is being launched today in the United States at 2:00 a.m. People are waiting for it like crazy. Everyone wants to know what the new XBox experience is. Gamer's are trying to find out what the XBox has brought in this time. 

Only some of the gamers, who had pre-registered got it yesterday. The latest update is called the NXE 2. Let's take a look what they have for us this time.

Bringing it in with the free download, the XBox has now got a new interface as well as a new dashboard to present to its gamers. Although the old dashboard never needed any changes, but the XBox is all there for the its gamers. 

The most noted thing which has been updated is its Interface. Moving previously from the 2D experience, the developers have presented the gamer's with an all new 3D Interface. This new interface is more User Friendly and easy to use. The interface helps the gamer's move more fast. Gamer's who would still prefer the old interface, can simply check the Guide button and you can check which friend's are online in classic style. The new XBox Experience also provides Ads on its console, but more to it is the Microsoft Ads. Xbox Live Arcade, the New Xbox Experience resolves that loading and counting issue from the dashboards of old. All of your downloaded Xbox Live Arcade games and demos automatically appear when you go into the list--no more waiting for games to pop up as the list is repopulated. It is also brought up with the Quick Launch option which displays you the recently played games as well as the recent downloads made.

The NXE 2, brings you with another option of the Avatars. When you first launch the NXE 2 it will ask you to make an avatar, which you can customize yourself to make it more like you. People will surely like this avatar option and will make it more fun to spend the time on. The avatar status will also be updated as soon as you get achievements and make more out of it.

The Xbox Marketplace, this would be your one stop shop for virtual goods, and it has been redesigned as well. The new design is more easier to navigate and this time it has also taking away the option of Microsoft delisting some under rated games. Another thing which has been added to the Xbox Marketplace is that you can download purchases on your PC and the next time any Xbox Account Signs in, the particular download will be downloaded to the Xbox itself.

With NXE 2 launch, with this updated feature of Netfix, you would be able to download more than 12,000 videos now, only available to Netfix Subscribers and Xbox Gold Members. 


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