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Bhutan's New King Crowned

Bhutan, after its transformation to democracy has named its first King. The new king,
Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, has been crowned the new king of Bhutan. He was crowned by his father and the most loved monarch, King Jigme Singye Wangchuck. 

The new king met some 20,000 citizens who gathered outside massive 17th century white walled fortress where the coronation was held in a precise hour after the astrologers gave the go ahead. He is an educated King, with a Bachelors Degree.

Its a tradition that when the new King is crowned, the King goes down to recieve the gifts. He went down moving through row after row and bent down to recieve the white scarf, which a traditional gift given to the new King. In return the King gave them a special coronation coin.

The ceremony followed with, reciting of the ancient Buddhist rites. Musicians were standing on the roof of the fortress who welcomed the arrival of the new king with banging of the drums. He was greeted by troupes of brightly clad dancers. Trumpets were seen sounded by the musicians.

At the ceremony, the new king recieved his red satin and silk crown topped with a blue emroidered raven's head, from his father. After being crowned he moved to sit on the golden throne which was decorated with a large bowl of fruit basket.

The new king is already popular with the people as he has been serving as the acting King since December 2006, he was not crowned as the astrologer's waited for an auspicious date.

The new King has studied in the UNITED STATES, and has graduated from the Oxford University later in ENGLAND.  There are also lover's of him from nearby THAILAND when he had visited the country for their king's 60th Anniversary. Most Thai newspapers have termed him as 'Prince Charming'.

The coronation was also attended by one head of the other state, The Indian President Pratibha Patil.

People of Bhutan have held hopes, that the new king will lead the nation and will fulfill the dreams of the people. 


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