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Apple News Update: Heatwave Causes Breakdown In iPhone

Apple, the company responsible for manufacturing one the most selling smartphone in the market, iPhone, announced today that heatwave maybe one of the reason for the breakdown in a number of iPhones. The manufacturer has warned all its users to protect their iPhone’s from blazing or direct sunlight which would lead to malfunctions.
The company issued an official announcement after a number of complaints were reported to the firm in which most of them claimed batteries emptying too quickly. Some other complaints included the handsets changing color and glowing pink while others reported the smartphone to faint or hang in the middle.
Owners of iPhone 3G S smartphones reported that the handsets changed color to pink from white after heating up. The company has admitted the fault and have told its users to be aware if exposed to direct sunlight or phone left in hot cars.
The company’s official website reported:
“Low - or high temperature conditions might temporarily shorten battery life or cause the device to temporarily stop working properly. Store iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S in a place where the temperature is between -20º and 45º C. Don’t leave the device in your car, because temperatures in parked cars can exceed this range.”
iPhone is fitted with a feature which makes it automatically shutdown when it heats up. A warning would appear on the user’s screen advising the user to switch it off.
Apple has noted the fault and will be fixing the technical problem very soon to its best-selling smartphone. The company has already sold more than a million smartphones worldwide.

David And Victoria Beckham @ Emporio Armani Ads

A few time back we posted Victoria Beckham being featured in Armani Ads. Now the lady is back but with her hubby, David Beckham, as both of them unveil the latest underwear collection by Emporio Armani. This is the latest photoshoot of the couple who have surely done some amazing contribution for the promotion of the Underwear Collection. The couple were looking really amazing as they cuddled in their undies to bring the latest collection. Lady Victoria was seen wearing a black lingerie with a knot style hairdo.
Victoria Beckham was reported to have undergone a breast reduction surgery which made her go to a 34B size. The lady was seen in different underwear collection but supported a black theme in all. The couple were pictured by the famous photographer Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott which will feature on various magazines and billboard.
The couple are being featured on Armani’s ads after a multi million pound advertising deal. The footballer has been named the global ambassador for the world’s famous brand.

President Barack Obama Up To Celebrate Two Events On 4th July

President Barack Obama will be celebrating his daughter’s 11th birthday at the White House. The president would be hosting the birthday party Malia would surely remember. The party would consist a fireworks show as well as a picnic at the White House.
As the president would lead the nation in celebrating the Independance Day, he would also be looking forward in joining her daughter for a birthday party. It is heard that some twenty friends of young girl would join the family at Camp David in the mountains of Maryland to celebrate the event.
After the celebrations, the Obama family would return to the White House where the president is hosting a barbecue on the Lawn for some 1200 military families, thanking them for service to the nation. The event would be end with the traditional Fourth Of July fireworks.

Land Rover Launches S1 Tagged ‘Toughest Mobile Phone’

Land Rover and Sonim Technologies have announced that both the companies have teamed up to launch the ‘World’s Toughest Mobile Phone’. We do agree with the company being the toughest and roughest but that wasn’t that in the automobile sector? The company has made the move and along with a tech company responsible for making the toughest mobile phone ever invented, would be launching its product with Land Rover.
The phone has been tested at many stages as has been found successful while resisting dust, dirt, shocks and drops. The company has announced its launch with an attractive price of 299 Pounds and we see growth and great sales for the range of mobile phones offered. S1 has been named by the company and is available with a three year warranty.
The Toughest Automobile Company, Land Rover claimed that the phone is completely waterproof to a depth of 1 metre for upto 30 minutes. The phone can stand the pressure of almost 100 lbs and is told to be the toughest. The launch was done by Sir Ranulph Fiennes who returned from Mount Everest and he tipped it as the explorer.
The phone has been tagged with a tagline:
“The First Mobile Phone Rugged Enough To Be Called A Land Rover”
The mobile will be shelved in all Tesco Stores from today and has been guaranteed to be used in extreme temperatures. The company guarantees that it would work with:
Temperatures ranging between 20 C to 60 C.
Short Bursts of 100 C heat
The phone comes with features such as:
2 Mega Pixel Waterproof Camera with flash
Torch Light
FM Radio
WAP Browser
Standby Battery For 1500 hours
18 Hours Talk Time
Extra Loud Speakers For Use In Noisy Environments
Three Year Unconditional Guarantee

Pictures Taken From ‘The Ledge’ - Sears Tower Chicago

The following pictures are not recommended for viewers afraid of heights.
One of the tallest building in America, Sears Tower, have installed some four glass box for viewing the city. The glass boxes are visibly seen sticking out of the building from the 103rd floor. The boxes are almost 1353 feet high and 4 feet out from the building. The four platforms are named ‘The Ledge’ and have been designed to make visitors feel as they are floating in the air. Take a look

Cheryl Cole In An Amazing Dress

Oh my God! Wow…the lady has proved that she can dress in one of the most amazing and stylish designer wear. A few days back, Cheryl Cole was spotted in a dress which made her look one of the hottest girl on planet. The beautiful lady could not get more hot than this. She was spotted at an event where she was pictured along with her boyfriend as well as her mother celebrating her birthday.

Michael Phelps Ready For His First Race After Suspension

Michael Phelps, world’s greatest swimmer and record holder is back. The leader is in North Carolina to test the waters after his three-month suspension due to, Phelps being pictured with a marijuana pipe. Phelps would be announcing his retirement after the London Games.
The swimmer would be competing in five events at the Charlotte Ultraswim which begins this Friday. Phelps is participating in all the events which feature 50,100 and 200 freestyle, 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke. This is the first time Phelps is participating in an event after he won eight gold medals at the Beijing Games.
Phelps has spent alot of time under suspension but still he has got time to train himself and get to win the title at National Championships and the World Championships. The swimmer has some new techniques to achieve his goals, lets see what he brings in.