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Dare Devil Dive - U.K's Tallest Dam

The phrase does fit here, "People are crazy, they would do anything to get the fun". Some thrill seekers on board the kayak's made a dive in U.K's tallest dam. The dam's fall itself is measured being 300 Ft tall and almost 1150 Ft long.

Some of the bravest kayakers made the dive. The admitted that this was more thrill seeking and fun to be then and average theme park log flume. These kayakers would do anything to get the fun. It is one of the most dangerous dive ever made. The brave kayaker's risked their lives to perform this event. The falls were performed at a speed of 40 mph.

The Llyn Brianne Dam is situated near Llandovery, Midwales, and is considered the largest Dam in U.K. This man made dam was constructed in the late 1960's. It's situated on the headwaters of the Wales River and was constructed to regulate the flow of the River.

The dam's reservoir is also one of the largest attraction for the tourist when the spillway's are opened.


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