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Launch Ceremony Of Hotel Atlantis - HQ Pictures

The opening ceremony of the $1.5 Billion Dollar Atlantis Hotel in Dubai was done with Spectacular fireworks and an amazing party. The total spending made on the party was estimated around $20 Million. Sources told that the opening ceremony had the world's biggest fireworks display. The ceremony was attended by many stars, from all different regions. The ceremony has been  tagged as the most expensive in History.

Kylie Minogue performed at the event, for which she was handed a handsome cheque of $1.2 Million. She was one of the 2000 guests staying at the hotel. Michael Jordon also attended the ceremony. Some other good names who attended the party were, Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend SAM, Natalie Imbruglia, Charlize Theron, Wesley Snipes, Robert De Niro, Janet Jackson, Denzel Washington,  etc. 

One million fireworks, almost 10 times of the fireworks which took place on the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics were seen in the sky. The fireworks totally lit up the Palm Beach Resort. The organizers were heard as saying that the fireworks would be visible from space. 

The party's main dish had comprised Lobster's and Champagne. The guest's were looked after by a crowd of 1000 waiters. The ceremony was also attended by the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum as well as some other prominent guests. 

Due to such high number of guest's and some really high profile people being present at the ceremony, the kingdom had to throw a large number of security. The event went really peacefully and all the activities went well.

The Atlantis Hotel took 2 years to build and has a capacity of 1539 rooms. Mr. Sol Kerzner is the proud owner of the Hotel, he was quoted as saying:

"We built something that's quite extraordinary. We've got to tell the world about it. We are in a challenging time. The economy is basically in a recession and we have to adjust to the changing circumstances. We have to be careful with our cost levels.I didn't lay on private jets. They either came in their own private jets or by regular airline."

Take A Inside View Of Hotel CLICK HERE


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