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Sexiest Woman In The World

Alot of things are taken into account, when classing somone as the most sexiest. E! Entertainment Channel has rewarded the Supermodel Karolina Kurkova as
Most Sexiest Woman In The World. A news announcement was made today in Los Angeles, California.

The Czech born beauty, who is one of the top super model of Victoria's Secret beat other super models of Victoria's Secret. She has beaten Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and Giselle Bundchen. Leaving them far behind, she has earned fame and fortune. 

"Karolina is flattered to have been named Sexiest Woman in the World by E!. As she delves into the motion picture industry with her upcoming role in 'G.I. Joe,' she appreciates the support E! has given her."

In the previous days, she had hit all magazine covers when she had posed for a bikini shoot at victoria's secret collection. The issue was raised about, she having no belly button. Belly button or no button, she has definitely earned the top spot. She has been termed as Sexiest. 

Here is the complete list of the Sexiest Women awarded:

1. Karolina Kurkova
2. Bar Rafaeli
3. Angelina Jolie
4. Gisele Bundchen
5. Scarlett Johnson
6. Adriana Lima
7. Heidi Klum
8. Penelope Cruz
9. Manuela Arcuri
10. Shakira


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