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David Duchovny - No Affair With My Tennis Instructor

Edit Parkay, the tennis instructor of David Duchovny ( X-Files) denies an affair with him. She even denies she had anything to do with his break-up with her wife, Tea Leoni.

Media reports have been all around that Mr. Duchovny - who recently completed a rehab for sex addiction had been deeply involved with Ms. Edit Parkay. "They had been really close for quiet sometime now."

"We played tennis, and we were playing partners and friends. There is no romance, and we are just friends. No love, nothing. That is all i have to say." said Ms. Edit Parkay

When asked if they were romanitcally linked in any way, she replied "We have a very close friendship. He is a wonderful man, in great shape, very intelligent and a kind man. I dont want to say anything that might hurt David. I am not going  to deny it. I dont know what our relationship means to him."

On the other hand when asked from Mr. Duchovny's Lawyer, he denied all this and said "These are all lies and deciet."  The lawyer claims that they are filing a suit  against the tab for the story about the affair. Mr. Stein, Duchovny's Lawyer, says he spoke to the rep of Daily Mail, who published this news and asked her not to publish it.


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