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Jennifer Hudson's Nephew Found Dead

The 7-Year Old Nephew of Jennifer Hudson was found dead in a SUV on the South Side of Chicago. The body was identified as of Julian King, son of Jennifer Hudson's sister, Julia. Jennifer Hudson was the one who identified the body.

Official declared that Jennifer identified the body on a black and white T.V lying adjacent in the room. Seven family members held hands and said a short prayer. Jennifer Hudson was seen very strong and very solemn.

Chicago Police told reporters that the boy was shot dead, the same way his Grandmother and Uncle was. William Balfour who was arrested earlier, was seen as the key suspect. But still Chicago Police says no suspects have been named yet.

William Balfour was the Step Father of Julian King and earlier it was expected that Julian was with William Balfour, but later when he was apprehended Julian was no where to be seen.

Balfour was taken into custody as the neighbors had reported that they had seen William Balfour nearby the Hudson Residence on the South Side of Chicago when they had heard the gun-fire.


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