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World's First Personal Super Computer

NVIDIA, has launched the first Tesla Computer Personal Super Computer which is 250 times faster than the average PC. The company has priced its super computer at a price of $6000, and the main market of this PC would be the universities and medical institutions. The first of its kind super computer was launched in London. 

Using the NVIDIA's graphic processing units (GPU), the personal super computer is so fast in processing commands that it does the same processing super computer's worth $85,000 would do and capture's almost all the room. 

"The technology represents a great leap forward in the history of computing. It is a change equivalent to the invention of the microchip.", said a NVIDIA spokesman Benjamin Berraondo.

Scientists believe the new system would bring alot of help and would help them find cure for diseases. The device would let them run hundreds of thousands of science codes and would shortlist drugs that are most likely to cure. User's say that this speed up in the technology has the ability to accelerate the discovery of life saving anti-cancer drugs. The computer's GPU's bring lightning speeds to the next generation computing.

Mr. Berraondo was quoted as saying " A traditional processor handles one task at a time in a linear style, but GPUs work on tasks simultaneously to do things such as get colour pixels together on screens to present moving images."

The supercomputers, made by a number of UK based companies including Viglen, Armari and Dell are currently on sale to universities and to the science and research community. PC maker DELL said they would soon be mass producing them for the general consumer market.


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