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Top Search Engine Posts The Top Searched In 2008

Britney Spears was the top searched term on YAHOO! in the year 2008. She has been topping the search for four years now at the search engine at that too consecutive. YAHOO! termed her the top in the list of being searched for the year 2008, just a day before the release of her new album 'Circus'.

There are some other Celebs too, which are in the top 10 list. Some others include, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie.

Spears have even being topping in the television ratings as she being featured on the X Factor, which attracted more than 12.6 Million viewers worldwide due to her appearance. She has topped the search even though this time the U.S Presidential Elections took place as well as the U.S and the world over crises. YAHOO! termed her at the top, as there were more online queries about the pop star than any other single topic. On second was the WWE, the World Wrestling Entertainment grabbed the second seat of the search term as the rating was released by the California based Internet Firm. Simon Cowell even revealed that there was more buzz than any other girl who has featured on his show ever. He said that there was more excitment seen for her.

Yahoo's top 10 single term searched was as follows:

1. Britney Spears
Britney Spears has topped the search term on YAHOO!. She was the most widely searched on the internet on YAHOO! searches. This is the fourth year for her of being on the top and that too consecutive. She had been on the top with her year starting with a Police way, Hospital Stay, and Psych Evaluation. She had even returned to her father's shelter and settled the custody with her ex. She has even guested at a sitcom and has won thrice the MTV Music Movie Awards. She relaunched her website, as well as she released a documentary of her fall and comeback. 

2. WWE
The World Wrestling Entertainment maintained its Top 2 status at the YAHOO! searches. Even though this year, the WWE recieved a huge explosion which let the chairman injured. The WWE maintained its status, as the fans did wide search as well as its game's came in the market. The economy's fall did effect, due to low number of fans coming on to watch.

3. Barack Obama
The Illinois junior senator faced two hard-fought contests and nearly wona a third. He entered 2008 as a newcomer on the national scene and ended the year as predident elect. His campaign was always on fire and always on the top search. He defied political wisdom and made history at every turn. His web strategy set the groundwork to make him the first wired president and, in an unprecedented search surge. He even maintained the website and was one of the top on the social communities. Reddit was full with his views, speeches, history, campaigns etc.

4. Miley Cyrus
Following the year start, she was searched and more known as Hannah Montana, greatly known for the Disney's welcome. She had been various scandals and ended her day with her 16th birthday being celebrated at Disney. She appeared on shows like Idol Gives Back. She even appeared on a Vanity Fair Spread, with only a bed sheet wrapped. She had been widely criticised by fans as well as some parents due to her content, for which she even apologized.

5. RuneScape
The Multi Player role playing game's international popularity rests on its cheap access. It has the ability to run on older computers and compelling game play which made it run on the fifth slot. Its success has even led to a real black market, trading acutal cash for RuneScape GOLD. There were even some controversial restrictions to stop this. Some of the factors which made it to step up in the RPG battle was due to its new boss, the graphics and player versus player combat.

6. Jessica Alba
She hadnt done far well in the following year 2007 as she got three Razzie Worst Actress nominations. But she earned the Best Movie Actress at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards due to which she even got searched well and at No.6. She even got more buzzed, due to her wedding and baby Honor Marie, who made her earn $1.5 Million in her OK! mag debut. Maybe she brings up something exciting with the year 2009.

7. Naruto
Naruto Uzumaki, was termed the Web's most popular fictional character as has been given the seventh place. The game, the anime and the young graduate of the Ninja Academy was some of the terms which made it earn the seventh place. There are some great fans, who crave for him and it was some of the widely searched.

8. Lindsay Lohan
The actress made a progress back from the rehab, revolving-door relationships, and rejected roles. What took her on the 8th slot was she blogged about politics, and recreated Marilyn Monroe's photo shoot. She got down rated when she got booted from "Ugly Betty" and as World Music Awards host. Maybe she does comback for the year 2009.

9. Angelina Jolie
Leading Power lists in Forbes and even Guinness World Records, the actress took her place among Hollywood's elite. She earned box office bucks as an assassin and cartoon tigress. She even made on the top as what she earned from the Pictorial Payout of the Twins, which was $14 Million, both the couples donated the money to a charity, from which she did earn the fame.

10. American Idol
Judges kept declaring its 2008 singers their best ever, but while the Fox reality show ruled ratings, an audience decline since 2007  sent producers into a fit of self-examination. In a season beset with complaints, "Idol" had the last laugh with a smashing finale and iTunes record breaker. The show also got "cougar" into household vernacular, unlikely credit for exposing youth to the democratic process and a top Search 10 nod once again.


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