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10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

On No.10, we have Michael And Diandra Douglas. The estimated settlement was around $45 Million. Michael Douglas married Diandra Luker in 1977 at an inauguration party. She was just 19 when she got married to him. Douglas became one of the top earning actors over the time, the couple later split in 1998. Diandra was given an estimated $45 Million plus also homes in Beverly Hills, California and Majorca, Spain.

On No.09, we have Phil Collins And Orianne Cevey. The estimated settlement was around $47 Million. Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey were married for six years before they got divorced in August 2008. They had met in a concert when Mr. Collins was touring. Ms. Cevey was the third wife of Phil Collins. The divorce was settled at ta price of $47 Million, he had even paid his second wife $34 Million when they got divorced.

On No.08, we have Paul McCartney And Heather Mills. In the year 2002, Paul McCartney And Heather Mills got married, even though Ms. Mills was 30 years Junior than him. The divorce was finalled in 2006, when Ms. Mills accused McCartney of assault. McCartney had locked her out of their London home, for which he had to pay a reported figure of $49 Million after a British Judge awarded the case in favor of her.

On No. 07, we have James Cameron And Linda Hamilton. The TITANIC Director and TERMINATOR actress got married in July 1997. The marriage only lasted for 18 months from which they had a daughter. The divorce reached a settlement of almost $50 Million. Expensive divorce? Wait, you have yet to see others.

On No.06, we have Kevin Costner And Cindy Silva. The couple had met in the California State University and married in 1978. The marriages lasted almost for 16 years, in which Costner was one of the Best Paid Hollywood Actor and had also recieved 7 Oscars. Ms. Silva was awarded an estimated $80 Million for her split.

On No.05, we have Harrison Ford And Melissa Mathison. The couple met in 1977 and got married in 1983. Six Year's later Ford became one of the highly paid actors in Hollywood. Just a few year's later he was making $20 Million per film. The couple got divorced in 2004. In a divorce settlement Ms. Mathison settled with hand sum of $85 Million.

On No.04, we have Madonna And Guy Ritchie. The couple met through another couple Sting and Trudie Styler, in 1999. The got married in late 2000. The couple got divorced on Oct 15, 2008. The settlement of the divorce was made for about $75 Million, which included the couple's country home and pub in England. They would be tagging along till christmas as they dont want their kids to suffer this shock on a happy moment.

On No.03, we have Steven Spielberg And Amy Irving. The couple met in 1977 and got married in the year 1985. Their marriage only lasted for 4 years. Ms. Irving got an amount of $100 Million in a divorce settlement. This was almost half the wealth of Spielberg, when they got divorced.

On No.02, we have Neil Diamond And Marcia Murphey. The couple got married in 1969, Murphey was a television production assistant at that time. The marriage almost lasted 25 Years, and Mr. Diamond was one of the most successful musicians. They got divorced in 1994 and Ms. Murphey walked away with $150 Million, almost half the fortune of Neil Diamond.

On No.01, we have Michael And Juanita Jordon. The famous basketball star married Juanita Vanoy, a bank officer in 1989. Mr. Jordon was earning alot from his contracts with Bulls and Nike, as well as other deals. Ms. Vanoy filed for divorce last year and almost walked away with a hefty $168 Million


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