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Microsoft sued for scratch on a game

Jason Johnson just wanted to take a break with some Rock Band. But now he is taking Microsoft to court.

This Illinois man is suing Microsoft because the Xbox 360 scratched 3 of his games to the point when they are unplayable.Johnson first noticed the problem after trying to play store-bought copies of Rock Band, Rock Band 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV. In the suit, he claims to have heard "unnatural, grinding noises while the game disc was spinning," followed shortly by unreadable disc errors. Upon inspection, he found circular scratches running across the data side of the discs.

He right away contacted Microsoft but all the repairs costed him to pay. Microsoft broke the rules and did not help the costumer.

The man is asking for 50,000 dollars in punitive damages as well as legal fees and costs. Microsoft has not officially commented on the case.


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