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Google Chrome Finally Out Of Beta

Google's Chrome browser will be finally coming out of the
beta phase today. It was officially told at the Le Web '08 conference in Paris by the company's Vice President Marissa Mayer. She confirmed that the release would take place and the status would finally be out of the beta phase.

People who wish to download the Chrome Browser would be the first ones to experience it as no beta version for dowload would be available. The Chrome browser can be directly downloaded from Google's Website. On the first day of its release, only a limited number of Chrome Browser's existing users will get the update link automatically and later on rest of the user's would be able to update it. According to Google sources, they have revealed that a total number of 10 million users are using Chrome as their browser. 

To update your browser, you need to check the your browser's About page and it will automatically check for any update available and therefore would prompt you if the update is available. This updating would finally bring your browser out of the beta phase. In the beta phase, the Chrome browser has been update almost 14 times, this is the 15th time and would be the first one for the non-beta release.

So what's the update? According to the Vice President of Product Development, Mr. Sundar Pichai, the release of the Chrome browser consist of tons and tons of bug fixes. All errors previously in the Audio and Video Playback have been fixed and the browser has been made more fast since it release. The browser will now function 1.4 to 1.5 times more fast than what it was released. Some new features have also been added into the browser such as the bookmark manager. This will surely help the users who have lots of bookmarks, and for those who want to export and import bookmark lists. Privacy options have been consolidated in one dialog box. The security features have been updated. 


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