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Investor In Madoff Fund Found Dead

Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, 65, a co-founder of Access Internation, was found dead in his office in Madison Avenue, Manhattan. Mr. Villehuchet had invested around $1.5 Billion in the Madoff's run Hedge Fund. He found in a pool of blood after slashing his wrists at his desk in New York. He had cut his wrists with box cutters revealed the police sources.

The source has also confirmed that Mr. Villehuchet may also have taken sleeping pills and there was no suicidal note. On Monday night, Mr. Villehuchet told his cleaning crews in his building to leave by 7 p.m because we wanted to work late. As the workers returned on tuesday, they saw the doors locked and later Mr. Villehuchet in a pool of blood.

A person close to Mr. Villehuchet told newspapers that he was trying to recover some funds lost to Mr. Madoff to pay his investors. His was awake day and night trying to figure out a way so that his investors would not suffer. La Tribune reported, "It's a farewell from someone who had nothing to be ashamed of. He had tried to obtain good returns for others, with ll the diligence necessary in his job. The truth is that everybody wanted to invest with Madoff, who was considered by all as AAA or totally safe."

A brief history of Mr. Villehuchet reveals that he was a prominent investor. His name having Magon part referred to France's most powerful families. The name is even listed on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, a monument commissioned by Napoleon in 1806. His fund had links to the cream of Europe's high society to garner clients. The cream had some of the top names such as Philippe Junot, a French businessman and friend who is also the former husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco and another name being Prince Michel of the former Yugoslavia. Mr. Villehuchet was the former chairman and chief executive of Credit Lyonnais Securities USA and a member of the New York Yatch Club. His life had a wife with no kids, who lived at the suburb in Westchester County.


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