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New Jersey Couples Claims The Mega Millions Lottery

Clelia Lopes and her husband Mario are the proud winner of the Lottery '
Mega Millions'. The Mega Millions Lottery winner has claimed $126 Million this year. She had been carrying the lottery ticket since July 22 in her purse, when she bought it from the Seabra Supermarket while shopping over there. The worthless piece of paper of paper which she thought, has brought joys in her life.

Clelia is a homemaker and her husband Mario is a construction foreman. As they came forward and were interviewed they never revealed that the couple had any intentions to take a vacation or buy an expensive car or any other frivolous things with their newfound wealth. As asked why they had no intentions of going in rich style, they replied "We're working people".

Both the couples had moved from Portugal to the United States some 30 Years ago. When they had moved they never even knew how to speak english. As they were being crowned with the Lottery Cheque, they were really nervous, but on the other hand happy.

The couples walked away with a little less as they chose the cash option, in which some of the amount is deducted and therefore they were handed over a total of $75.5 Million before the 25 Percent Withholding Tax to be deducted.

The winning numbers for this times lottery was :2, 16, 23, 29, 32 and a Golden Mega Ball Number 46. As they were really nervous to have the media around them, one thing which the couple did reveal was that they would help out their extended family. So there you go, a good lottery, a good amount won, and a good deed too.


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