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2 Million Pound Lottery Winner Arrested

Callie Rogers who won the U.K lottery at the age of 16 and is the second youngest to win it, got arrested after police raided the property and found thousands of pounds worth of cocaine and a stun gun. It has been five years since she has won the total amount of 1,875,000 pounds. Her life twisted from one drama to another since she won the 2 Million Pound worth lottery.

The twist in the drama came when her new partner, Mr. Ryan Thompson admitted that he was using Ms. Rogers house for dealing cocaine. The pair was arrested right after her boyfriend admitted in dealing with cocaine. They were arrested from Ms. Rogers house in Whitehaven, Cumbria which she had bought from her winning. She was later released after being put behind the bars as no charges were imposed on her but her boyfriend Ryan Thompson could be facing jail after confessing to dealing drugs. Later, before the town's magistrate court she admitted possessing and supplying cocaine and possessing a gun.

The police officers who raided the house found four bags of cocaine, which contained two and a half ounces of the drug. They also found a digital weighing machine, a black book containing names and addresses of debtors and lot of unused plastic bags.

Since winning the lottery, she has posed topless after having her breasts enlarged, repeatedly broken up with another criminal lover who slept with her younger sister and has been accused of a drunken brawl outside a nightclub. She is now 21 and has two children. 

She has been in troubled in the recent years too. After winning the lottery she got a breast enlargement and posed topless, but that landed into trouble as previous boyfriend Nicky Lawson tried to sell photos of her. Mr. Lawson even tried to write a check off from her for 50,000 pounds. She even faced jail for a brawl outside a night club. Once she has even tried to suicide, but went back and paired with Nicky Lawson after which she had a second child. Later she split with Mr. Lawson after he was found with three others in her house doing drugs and also sleeping with her younger sister.


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