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Flame-the burger scented cologne

Burger king has launched a new Item for burger lovers. Its no meaty or saucy burger but it is a cologne, a burger scented cologne. It's called FLAME™ – the new men's body spray promising "the scent of seduction with the hint of flame-broiled meat" – your reactions ranged from "I prefer my men to smell like White Castle" to "I want!"

Flame is on sale for the credit crunch-busting sum of just $3.99 (£2.65), suggesting the Burger King promotions department has realised their contribution to the fragrance market might work best as a novelty stocking-filler.
Flame, a body spray for men, was launched this week online and in a selection of US stores – it is sadly not available in the UK, and now even has its own website, the appropriately named firemeetsdesire.com.

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