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Richest Music Kings

1. The Police

    $142.3 Million
    The Police were seen bagging a handsome of $142.3 Million as their last tour with the Reagen Administration, the tour topped a total amount of $133.2 Million. They top among all the recording artists. Most of the people are referring it as the Police Reunion Tour. Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart were seen greatly performing on the tour with crowds going crazy.

2. Josh Groban
     $104.6 Million
      Josh Groban's famous album release Noel, in the year 2007, sold an amazing 3.7 Million Units in the U.S. To be more amazed, the album boosted so many sales in only 3 months. This was the year for the Pop-classical vocalist, who even sold concert tickets worth $43.1 Million. His album did make wonders.

3. Kenny Chesney
     $96.2 Million
     Kenny Chesney did enjoy the year 2007, as he was seen touring all over the U.S, this spring and summer, racking up $71.1 Million in concert tickets sales. And then came September, in which he released his album, Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates, which fueled his pocket due to Album sales and downloads, which made a worth of $25 Million.

4. Justin Timberlake
     $95.7 Million
     Justin Timberlake wasnt seen releasing any new album this year, but he was surely seen touring and promoting his old album which he released in 2006 named, Future Sex/Love Sounds. He nearly made $71 Million in Concert Ticket Sales and further $25 Million in album sales and song downloads.

5. Miley Cyrus
     $87.4 Million
     The Disney Channel Star saw immaculate ticket sales, and sometimes even her tickets being sold for thousands of dollars for her sold-out shows.  The ticket sales were estimated to a mere $36 Million. Furthermore, Disney's ability was seen on album sales and downloads accounting to $50 Million.

6. Tim McGraw
      $85.3 Million
      The country music star and his wife (Faith Hill) were seen touring all year round on their successful "Soul to Soul 2" tour. The duo grossed $52.3 Million in sales on the tours. McGraw was also on the 10th best selling artist on the retail. He sold 2.4 Million Albums and 2.8 Million Song Downloads.

7. Rascal Flatts
     $84.2 Million
     The trio Rascal Flatts were seen grabbing alot, as their tours grabbed $41.5 Million. The new chart album Still Feels Good made these numbers grow. These guys do know how to rock the crowd. One of the toppers to shake the masses.

8. Celion Dion
     $82.7 Million
     Celion Dion was seen grabbing $82.7 Million. She closed out her successful five years at the Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. The average ticket price sold was $141. Her total album sales reached 1.3 Million Units which was helped by her new album Taking Chances.

9. Van Halen
     $63.8 Million
     Van Halen's reunion with Diamond Dave was so hotly anticipated that they generated $56.7 Million gross. The band has earned so much anticipation that his tours were the main source of revenue.

10. Rod Stewart
       $59.3 Million
       Rod Stewart toured, which earned him $59.3 Million. 


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