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Celebrate Your Birthday For Free By Disney

Jay Rasulo, chairman Walt Disney Parks And Resorts have announced that a new promotion for the year 2009. All visitors will once this year get in for free. If its your birthday, you are more than welcome"Every guest gets in free to one of our parks on their birthday in 2009,"  Jay Rasulo said at a news conference in Manhattan.

Visitors will only would have to provided a valid proof, for their birth date to qualify. Birthday visits can also be registered in advance at Disney's website.

Mike Lynn a professor at the Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, said this promotion which Disney had introduced would bring in more money. The only thing that Disney would be losing would be the revenue it earns for a single customer, as it would be admitted for free. But the birthday customer would not be coming alone, it would be bringing along many other customer's for Disney. This will generate good bucks.

The birthday promotion which Disney is promoting is called "What will you celebrate?" It also includes a 30-city tour with public events featuring Disney costumed characters, beginning in Minneapolis on September 25 and ending in Phoenix in Febuary.

"Our goal is to mark the special moments in your life in a way that your family will remember forever" Rasulo said.

Miley Cyrus is planning to celebrate her 16th Birthday at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, October 5.


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