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Japanese Space Tourist Wants Refund

A Japanese businessman, Daisuke Enomoto, has sued the International Space Station and is asking for a refund of $21 Million. Mr. Enomoto claims that he was defrauded by U.S. Firm which had arranged the Venture.

After completing training in Russia, Mr. Enomoto had planned to fly a Russian Capsule in September 2006, but he was pulled out of the mission a month before the lift-off and instead of him a Dallas Businesswoman Anousheh Ansari was given the seat.

Mr. Economoto filed the suit in the U.S. court in Virginia against the company Space Adventures. Space Adventures is the Space Tourism Company which had to take Mr. Economoto and three others into Space.

Mr. Economoto says the reason behind pulling him out according to the company was he had 'kidney stones'. But he complains that the company had through out monitored his health in the training period. But according to the company's lawyers, the company has the right to disqualify any person and this did not entitle a refund.

But Ecnomoto alleges that he was taken out, due to Ansari. Ansari has invested in the company Space Adventure and is also the winner of the Ansari X Prize which was awarded to her in 2004 for developing the first privately developed manned space flight.

Economoto has also further complained that, Space Adventures had also promised him a spacewalk while aboard the station  and had collected $7 Million, though the firm claims that it had no commitment of this sort.

Mr. Economoto has filed the suit, against Space Adventures for $21 Million, none of which has been returned. Let's see who ends up with the case.


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