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The Most Dirtiest Flat In Britain

Its Bad News for the all smart Landlord Mr. Chris Dowling, as he has been declared of having Britain's Dirtiest Flat. Mr Dowling was amazed to see his Flat which he had rented out after his tenant vacated it. The entire living room  was full of Polystyrene Burger Cartons. The Hallway was full of Junk Mail and Newspapers lying on the floor. He had to literally Drag himself  in to get inside.

Furthermore, he was welcomed by another scary moment, when he entered the bathroom. In the bathroom, a large pile of cigarette stubs were carefully stacked at the side of the sink.  The pile of the cigarette stubs were also mixed with old shaving razors. The sink was in such a state that the shaving foam the toothpaste stains were all over. The sinks Tap was almost invisible. Loads of used toothpaste refills were lying on the floor as well as on the side of the sink. The W/C top was used as an ashtray, and the complete top was stained with black marks. It more looked as a horror film for Mr. Dowling.

Mr. Dowling stunned, immediately called up Professional Cleaners And Decoraters to sort his 100,000 pounds Studio Flat, which no more looked of that value. The whole Junk of the Burger Cartons and the takeaway detritus was loaded in a Large Van to be transported to the Disposal.

The tenant which was staying there for the past 2 years, had almost made the Flat a Junkyard. In the living area there were more than 1000 takeaway cartons  and containers. There were McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other containers everywhere.  Mr. Dowling was quoted as saying, "I couldn't get through to get to the Kitchen as they were stacked all around the bed. You couldn't see any part of the floor."

Mr. Dowling who runs 46 homes said, "The tenant had been smoking without opening windows and there were Nicotine stains dripping from the walls. It smelt like a giant ashtray." He also said, "In all my 15 years of running properties I have never come across anything like this before and we see all sorts."

Mr. Dowling said, he had rented out the flat to a single man in the year December 2005.  He said the rent was always paid on time, and he had satisfactory credit checks. "He had always paid his 450 pound a month rent on time, by a standing order".

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