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Official Mascot FIFA 2010 - Zakumi


Zakumi, the official mascot of the FIFA 2010 World Cup, made an appearance on the media in Johannesburg, South Africa. The appearance was made in Auckland Park, with a nice spectator. The mascot was named Zakumi, the first two letters representing the country in Afrikaans and 'kumi'  means 10 in their official language.

"Zakumi represents the people, geography and spirit of South Africa, personifying in essence the 2010 FIFA world cup. We are certain we will have a lot of fun with him in the lead-up to and during the FIFA confederations Cup and the FIFA World Cup", FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke was quoted as saying.

The mascot was designed by Andries Odendaal from Cape Town, who said the animal was given green hair so that it wore a 'camouflage' on the football pitch. Cora Simpson was the costume maker who was also the costume designer of Dazzler the official mascot of the 2003 Cricket World Cup.







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