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KFC - Secret Recipe Out

KFC's Secret Recipe Out...Temporarily. The Reciper which is handwritten by the great COLONEL HARLAND SANDER was removed on tuesday from the KFC's corporate offices. The handwritten recipe of 11 Herbs and Spices was temporary relocated making KFC to beef up security measures. The recipe is written on a Yellow Sheet of paper, is one of the country's Most Famous Corporate Secrets.

KFC's president was seen really nervous despite the strict security measures which had been taken to relocate the secret recipe. "I dont want to be the president who loses the recipe. Imagine how terrifying that would be."  KFC President Roger Eaton.

The chain's Original Recipe is in control of only two company executives, which the company refuse to name. The recipe is available all the world, but only with a limited know how.

The fast-food company hired off-duty police officers as well as private security guards to transport the document away to an undisclosed location in an armored car. The recipe will be slid into a briefcase and will be handcuffed to the security Expert 'Bo Dieti'. 

"There is no way anybody could get this recipe." Bo Dieti was quoted saying this.

For more than 20 years, the recipe has been kept in a filing cabinet which is equipped with two combination locks in the company headquarters. To reach that particular cabinet, the keepers of the recipe would first open up a vault and unlock three locks on a door that stood in fron of the cabinet.

The biggest prize, though, is a single sheet of notebook paper, yellowed by agem that lays out the entire formula - including exact amounts for each ingredient - written in pencil and signed by Sanders.

KFC had a total of 14,892 locations worldwide at the end of 2007. The chain has had strong sales overseas, especially in its fast-growing China market, but has struggled in the U.S. amid a more health conscious public. KFC posted U.S. sales of $5.3 Billion at company owned and franchised stores in 2007.


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