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Pictures of Hotel Marriott Bombed - Islamabad/Pakistan

A suicide bomber blew atleast 1000 kg explosives here in front of Marriott. An explosive laden truck was rammed inside a hotel gate, which falls under a strict security zone. The attack outside the Marriott Hotel which is in the direct vicinity of Parliament House, the presidency, the prime minister's house and the state run PTV Headquarters.

The streets surrounding the hotel, looked as if its a graveyard of destroyed cars. The explosion was heard and felt even 30 Kms far away from the blast. All 290 rooms were gutted with fire, which were fully occupied at the time the blast took place.

The blast caused a huge crater, almost 20 feet wide and 30 feet deep at the main entrance of the hotel. Some around 200 cars were destroyed which were park within a 500 yards radius. Number of trees, electricity poles, and buildings were badly damaged. 

Well equipped U.S. Security Officers from the U.S. embassy were seen at the place of the blast, but soon dissappeard. The hotel was totally in flames, and almost all the rooms, cafe's and the halls were completely destoyed. The Building Control Authority have declared the building as Unsafe and have told that it could fall.



















Salah uddin said...
September 22, 2008 at 10:03 PM  

"i am looking for peace. i am looking for mercy.
i am looking for evidence of compassion.
any evidence of life.
i am looking for life."


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