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Hollywood's Top 10 Teens

No 1. Miley Cyrus
$25 Million
Cyrus' 70-date Best of Both Worlds concert tour sold out faster than you could say "Hannah Montana," leaving legions of screaming girls scrambling for tickets. In the past year, the 15-year-old also sold millions of CDs, signed a book deal and began filming a movie based on her Disney Channel series. She'll soon lend her voice to an animated canine comedy, Bolt.

No 2. Daniel Radcliffe
$24.5 Million
Last summer the British-born boy wizard, 19, signed a jaw-dropping contract worth an estimated $50 million to continue his leading role in the last two parts of the Harry Potter series. The final story, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, has since been split into two movies, which should mean even more cash for him. Radcliffe also played the title role in BBC's TV movie My Boy Jack, a World War I story about Rudyard Kipling's ill-fated son, and he'll be baring all on Broadway in Equus.

No 3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
$15 Million
They're 22 now, but the pint-sized twins still learn most of their income from their tween-oriented clothing and accessories outfit, Dualstar. They're also designing two lines for adults, the Row and Elizabeth & James.

No 4. Jonas Brothers
$12 Million
In the past year, these tween rockers, ages 15 to 20, pulled in $9 million from touring, plus another $3 million from CD sales, merchandise and television deals. In the works: a movie, a reality series and a TV drama.

No 5. Zac Efron
$5.8 Million
The High School Musical star and tween heartthrob, 20, had success last summer in Hairspray. Three upcoming movies: Seventeen Again (a comedy), Me and Orson Welles (an indie) and this fall's highly anticipated High School Musical 3.

No 6. Ashley Tisdale
$5.5 Million
Tisdale, 23, heads to the big screen as Vanessa Hudgens' foil in High School Musical 3. She also does voice work for the Disney Channel's animated Phineas and Ferb and endorses Red by Marc Ecko.

No 7. Emma Watson
$5.5 Million
The English sweetheart, 18, will once again play girl wizard Hermione Granger, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Her estimated paycheck: $5 million. Last year, she starred in Ballet Shoes, a BBC TV movie.

No 8. Hillary Duff
$5 Million
Before Miley Cyrus, Disney phenom Hilary Duff owned the tween market. Now the former Lizzie McGuire star, 20, is striving for a more mature audience with roles in indie flicks Greta, Safety Class and War, Inc.

No 9. Rupert Grint
$5 Million
The red-headed Brit, 19, is making an estimated $5 million playing Ronald Weasley in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He's spent some of his fortune on his childhood dream: an ice cream truck.
N0 10. Vanessa Hudgens
3.2 Million
Surviving the buzz from some indiscreet Web pictures, Hudgens, 18, is back in High School Musical 3. She's released a new album and has become a face for Neutrogena skin products and Marc Ecko sneakers

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