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George Clooney Crazy Over Benazir Bhutto’s Niece

One of the top leading actor and also a bachelor, of Hollywood, Mr. George Clooney has made a switch. From eyeing girls from Hollywood he has gone way beyond to fall in for the niece of a member of Pakistan’s greatest political icon. The political icon is still famous but was assasinated a year ago by unknown persons.
George Clooney is already famous for dating cocktail waitresses, models and actresses and does not want to spoil his bachelorhood. It is known now that he is looking for something serious, commitment. Fatima Bhutto, the niece of the slain Pakistani Leader and ex-Premier Benazir Bhutto is heard dating Clooney. She is 21 years younger than him. Media has reported Fatima as “Brainy Foreign Beauty”.
It is heard that the age factor does not matter to them. The pair are involved in a secret affair and has thrown eyes of the Pakistani people on her. Fatima is a poet as well as a journalist who lives with her brother and step-mother in Karachi. It is also revealed that they both are meeting each other and have also arranged a meeting when she will be coming over as Clooney wants her to spend time with him in Hollywood.


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